Sunday, December 13, 2009


lama saia tidak update blog. maap. iro iro no koto ga arun da yo~~ T_T

bukankah aku cuman manusia biasa??? iya kan? ga pernah sekalipun gw nyulap gunung jadi daiki, ato laut jadi daiki *muri dodol!!! XDD* yah tapi gw masih aja bingung sama orang yang sama sekali ga bisa bersyukur. udah dikasih banyak orang yang sayang sama dia, banyak yang perhatian. MASIH AJA NGERASA KEKURANGAN.. i bet u must see yourself at the mirror, and talk with it. say that you are not alone!! hei..and as my lecture said.. just love everything you have, but don't be possess anything what you love.

i try to protect you with all that i have, i always try to be nice friend for you, and guess what? you always make me sad with your fuckin mouth!! hei.. we are close, aren't we? why you do such a stupid thing like that?? and said that you dear me? dear us?? dont kidding at me!! you make me laugh anyway.

only time will heal~~ thats my favorite phrase.. because im sure, someday we will meet again with that smile, and laugh as we did last time. yes i m still dear you, im not a bullshit one you know! if i say that i dear someone, it was right! and i need long time for forgive you all you've been did to us. all. and i can smile again and protect you again.

yes.. thats right that i hate you now. but as i said before.. only time will heal. and maybe someday, you will be my important friend again. like i did before, i will smile for you again. but it still need long long time. just wait and change your attitude. dont be childish one. you've been 19 years now, and its time to be mature.