Monday, July 11, 2011

what should I put on this title anyway? LOL

long time no see~ but not that long time I mean.. haha XD well, my life is suck without my PC!! real suck! because it brings me to the darkness and this fuckin negative thinking.. ah! anyway, for some reason, I wanna tell something, just a bit.. about the guys, I ever liked. the first guy, I mean it was my first love, >////< he's a real kind person, gentle, and well.. and I know, he loved my boyish side from the very beginning. it was when I was in 4th grade elementary school. then, he moved from my school, we haven't said goodbye, or anything. he disappeared. my first love, my very first feeling that I really understand it was love... for a stupid reason I just feel that he isn't my fate, even now.. LOL because now, when I saw him again with THE NEW LOOK!!gah! it made my heart got jetlagged.. gosh~ he's freakin handsome and a bit skinny now. really different with the last I met him on junior high school.. aah~ if only he wasn't disappear that time... but well, it can't be help because I met someone right now. someone that I HATE SO MUCH BUT THEN AGAIN... I love.

he's kind, a teasing type, silly, stupid, and real ANNOYING!! and the question is... why I love that person? yeah~ because he followed my rute!! sucks, real suck! why don't you just die already, jump into that hole and never come back again?! you stupid boy!! I really want him actually, but he just love me as his sister... real suck!! why I love that person? why should I have feeling towards him? it's real suck you know.. and I thought he's the last person I will love... yeah,the last person.. T___T c'mon ship~ go again! don't stuck at his place.... T_____T

RANDOM AS USUAL!! HOHOHOHO anyway, now I loved to see people's in pain, really.. so, if you have something grudge against me, just talk to me already okay? LOL

bye-beee~ XD