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Wakwaaaaaw~ .

Konnichiwa~ =w= my mood swings is back.. Now I'm too happy until I feel I could died because of it-- for no reason. Maybe I really should go to theraphist.. They have a solution for this weird habit.. But I don't care, I have my theraphist here.. Theraphist usually is a liar.. In fact, they just think we are crazy... Go to hell, you theraphist! Dx

anyway, two days left until aidil fitri.. Our holy day in a year! Lol xD but you know, I'm sad.. Because that's mean, i just have two days more for fasting.. T.T but also, I'm happy.. Food, food and food! Hoho at least I won't hear any shout in my house.. Kinda tired hearing those fuckin silly babbling.. =,=a ANYWAY AGAIN! I cut my hair.. 8D and this is first time I cut my hair this short! Even Ciel and Kida's hair are longer than mine.. Even Izaya's hair too.. But I kinda like it.. XDD I seem like found my freedom as a woman.. XD everyone, did you cut your hair? Which style? LOL

bye bee~ xD
Ohayou~ Bandung has turned into ice continent! O.O too cold.. Oh well.. Anyway, for million times maybe, i'm sick.. Kinda bored with this.. T.T

I just dunno the me recently.. Too silent, never try to rant around anymore.. And some people suggest me to updating my blogs for my theraphy.. Wait, theraphy? Hey i'm normal geez.. But maybe yes.. After wrote something, I feel relieved.. No one will criticize my words, esp my harsh words..

And now, I don't know, whether I'm sad or happy.. My emotion is too flat over something.. But kinda weird.. Sometime I can be such an emotional person, and sometime, I just a helper person who smile in every where.. What kind of person am I? T.T

haaaah.. I should accept the fact that the one I love is choosing someone else to be with him.. Okay, go with her.. Leave me alone.. I'll be okay.. ^.^

bye-bee! :3
Hi there! Haha it's been a while I didn't update my entry, ya know.. Many things happened, and it makes me too lazy to update this blogs.
Anyway, curious with this tittle? Pfft xD yeah.. I'm in silent obsession now.. MAMORU MIYANO!! XD do you all know him? The voice actor and also a singer from King's Record.. For information, He is originally Tamaki's CV from Ouran High school Host Club.. And now, He voiced Tokiya and Hayato-- the twins from Uta no Prince-sama..

Tell ya the truth.. HE IS MY SILENT OBSESSION NOW!! Oh well.. I've downloaded all of his albums and singles,, searching for his radio talk, diary, his updating job, and also... His daily life! LOL xD i'm becoming a freak fangirl over a voice actor.. XD He's a truly amazing entertaining actor.. Yea.. Even though he isn't an actor yet, BUT! I'm sure someday He will take that part.. Hihi.. XD

i've once seen him in his wonder live tour last year, and he is totally resemble with Tego…