Monday, February 6, 2012

Brand new day..

long time no see, everyone! seems that last time I wrote was about dream? yeah. speaking about dream, I seem forgot about my own dream now. maybe I just want to spend my life easier and enjoy my leisure time~ I need to take a rest from the world! =w=

now what I want to write anyway? I'm in holiday but I took part-time job as private teacher. you know, it was extremely tiring. I hate math, from the bottom of my heart I hate that lesson very much but now I am teaching math for elementary? for three months later I'm gonna die~ oTL knowing that being a teacher is fun, I might be learn and studying about it more serious back then. ah, regret always come in the end, isn't it? maybe gaining experience is totally useful for holiday. speaking about my grade, seems I lost my grade so much.. I aim for 3,4 IPK in the end of the year so that I could get a new motorcycle. it means that I should study hard? oTL

anyway, already seen my title? yes, brand new day. since that day, I know that I already moved on. let's say that I've forgotten about that stupid bastard! (`Д´メ)
and maybe I choose my old self rather than my new self. I've lost many things, and I don't want to lost my important one again.. it's better I hold onto those who still beside me. Role Play, anime, fanfic, fancover.. maybe my real world is them, not the me before. or maybe it's still me but I kinda mix it with my old one.. being that kind person is boring. yeah--I changed my fashion style, and I changed my vision but I don't want to let go off this world. Role play is my world, Fanfic, fancover, and those who I met in the cyber world are my important too. glad to meet the a new friendship..

for you two and my new silly lil sister-- thanks for always make my day.. honestly, before meet you all, my role play world are boring. totally boring. and then I met you all.. thank you... ^^

my brand new day is already begun..

bye bee~ ^^