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you all already knew that Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side third story will be at PSP, right? oTL somebody, please kill me!! T_T I really want to see Seiji's movement. talk about the interface, PSP version is much better than in NDS version, and of course because there is 3D real time and 2D live stream like this :

gyaaah! I'm going to stress out! TwT Seiji.. I do want to see you in PSP as well, and of course in real time mode, like in love plus.
talk about a new CG, I WILL BE MUCH HAPPIER IF I SEE SEIJI'S NEW CG!! T_T and it must be have a new story right? if in NDS, the one which move just his lips *laughed* but in PSP, his WHOLE BODY ARE MOVE!!
and talking about the bonus drama CD, there are seiji's soft voice and seiji's character song.. TwT I really want to have those!! TwT

anyway, my PSP emulator finally go smoothly~ *grin* last, I played Uta no Prince-sama and it worked! XD I might be will play TMGS 3 PREMIUM soon.. wait me, seiji! =v=

anyway, actually I will po…

The day when I turned 20

hatachi ka...?
first time I remember about I today just, I will be 20. such a great number of age. I still can't believe it that the day I turned 20, is this wonderful day. my life is way better than before, friends, family.. happiness.. I got all of them from these past 19 years.

tween for me is.. the day I have to be wise, thoughtful, and became more and more open minded. tween means that I am no longer a kid. but honestly, inside of me, there is still a kid. yes, a kid.

thanks for all your love, thanks for your presents, thanks for your existence. for me, the greatest gift for me is your existence. my friends, my family, and those who are precious for me. thank you so much for these 19 years. I have learned many things, how to wake up from the dream, how to laugh after cry, how to solve my problem and how to face my past. I have learned many things, and thanks to it, I can calculate which one the best for me.

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