Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monochrome Romance


Is this a fate?

            Clear skies with the sound of birds’ song are surrounding my step now. I don’t remember when the last time I see this clearly sky since the last time was a complete chaos. What I usually see just the view of people’s yelling each other and killing each other just for surviving or aiming the victory of kingdom, mostly bloods everywhere. The fate of a warrior they said. I sighed and took a slow step to that mansion.  I don’t know since when I feel my sword became heavier, or it just my own imagination since—I need to forget it, but to be exact, I remember that the other day was my little sister’s engaged party. Though someone destroyed the party and destroyed nii-san planned to make a politic marriage.

you are Taiga! Aisaka Taiga! Remember that! You are not that weak! Say if you hate it! Say if you reject it! It’s now all up to you! The one who live yourself is your own very self not your brothers! Your life is all yours! Stop this fucking politic marriage! Tch.. It really pissed me off.. And moreover. I LOVE YOU TAIGA!  

            That boy named Elliot Nightray somehow slapped me to the reality, I thought about it all day even when I stepped to this mansion. Is he brave? Or just simply a crazy? What if I did the same that day when he-- If you asked me who I am, I am Yuenji Rei. I am just simply a warrior. Almost two days I didn’t see Taiga—my little sister—at our mansion since the day they are engaged and Killua—my little brother—told me that she was in this mansion. I look at that mansion, and somehow I feel a warm and peace sign that this mansion showed when I enter to it. There when I saw someone with long blue haired was sitting in the garden while drank his coffee. His presence gave me a chill atmosphere. He was looking at the garden with empty eyes like a doll. I bet even though I stepped closer, he wouldn’t notice I was there right in front of him. He let his long coat touch the ground and he let the wind blew his long hair away. I stood for a while then started walk towards him. There when he realized my presence and smiled.

“hn..? Zhong Hui? ” he looked at me with curious face then smiled. What I realized just, his smiling face was full of pain. Is that just my imagination?

“You are wrong. Where is nii-san? ” I answered and just simply took a glance at him.

He lifted his eyebrow and suddenly took a step closer to me. “you mean, Yukimura? If you asked about him, he is inside with the twins. Just sit here, relax..” he smiled.

“I don’t have much time. Let me go inside.” I’m still standing right in front of him when suddenly he sits and taps the chair beside him. “Just stay here for a while lady, maybe Yukimura just has a little talk with my twins little sisters. Anyway, who are you? I never see you around, lady..”

He is quite annoying and stubborn. I once again took a glance at him. I don’t need to have a chit chat with a stranger, moreover all I need to do here just bring back my brother since he just back from his mission but chose to look for Taiga instead of back to mansion. I sat quietly without give any interests toward him. And in the corner of my right eye I could see that he was smiling. Something was disturbed me. His eyes were giving a sorrow vision like—me.

“you look like a lost rabbit… ” he laughed while drank his coffee. “I’m not a rabbit, could I go inside now?”
“fine fine. Just go inside. Yukimura maybe is in the dining room with them.” He giggled and drank his coffee again.

“thank you.” I started walking towards the door before suddenly he shouted “but I think Yukimura is drinking inside, so, please be gentle at him” he laughed.

            He is annoying, noisy and I really had no interest toward him. I walked in to the mansion. Strange. I mumbled at myself as I looked around inside the mansion. I saw no one but a very unique style of interior and some pictures of twins and their brothers. I guess that’s the weird man in front of the mansion and his brothers.

“Rei! Let’s drinking! ” suddenly with his husky voice, Yukimura nii-san called out me whom walked silently to the dining room. There when I saw two girls—twins and Yukimura Nii-san with Killua.

“Nii-san.. let’s go home. Where is Taiga? ”

“I don’t know..”  he laughed. “maybe she is drinking and collapse in Elliot’s room..” actually I want to punch my own brother for his silly acted. Taiga is my little sister yet he treated her like she isn’t her sister?! What an irresponsible brother.

“Yuki-pyon.. who? “ the man with blue haired walked in towards dining room with his weird smile.
“Rei is my sister.. ” Yukimura nii-san laughed.
“hn.. your sister.. ” he lifted his eyebrow as he walked near to me. “what a cold lady..” he left from my side then sat beside Yukimura Nii-san.
“Nii-san.. let’s go back and--” I took his bottle of sake then dragged his hand “stop drinking...”
“wait Rei… okay okay I will go back.. but before that… ” he  stopped then look at that man.
“Ikki.. take care of my sister. ”
            He laughed and the man with blue haired just smile while drinking his tea. Somehow, when I looked toward his blue eyes, I can’t help but thought, why he had that eyes, why must that eyes was disturb me a lot. Suddenly he stared at me.
“aa.. I will back first. Tell Taiga that I miss her.. “
            I walked out from the mansion when I had a deep thought—that man is annoying.

“Nii-san.. let’s go back and--”
“stop drinking...”
            Somehow that beautiful hair and strong armor with dagger gave me a strange feeling. So, as I walked towards dining room and get near of her, she didn’t react nor gave me a hard punch for my rude attitude.
“Ikki.. please take care of my sister..” Yuki-pyon was being dragged by Rei—the girl with blond hair and beautiful armor while told me to take care of Taiga. I nodded while smiling. It didn’t mean I can’t understand what he means, it just I suddenly remember someone when I looked straightly towards the girl with beautiful armor. Her eyes, her unchanged expression, her way of walking and—her coldness always give me a strange feeling. I want to say that I have ever met with someone who resemble with her but somehow, it will be rude isn’t it? You just met her and suddenly you tell her about something ridiculous, don’t you think she will call you weirdo? I smiled as I saw her walked out from room.

            She looks like a lost rabbit. I can’t help but want to embrace her when her dragging feet look like someone who lost their will of life. Could I call her, usa-chan? Yeah. Because she always look like lost in a place.
Ne, if you hear me now, don’t you think that she is resemble with you?
Don’t you think that I should wake her up? Because I feel like meet with someone who walked in a dream.
Na.. don’t you think that… this is a fate?
Do you think this is a fate? But he is annoying…
But she is so cold and unlived…

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long time no see...

Saya hampir aja klik close button waktu ngeliat ini page udah jadi kayak gini, ini blogger gak ada ngasih tau gitu ya sama penggunanya kalo udah ganti tampilan? kayak notif gitu atau apa, saya beneran kaget. *menggeliat*

Saat ini, jam di komputer saya sudah menunjukan angka 2 lebih 7 menit yang itu artinya sebenernya sudah pagi. Saya baru saja beres bikin soal UTS untuk murid saya---oke bukan murid saya, lebih tepatnya karena saya lagi jadi praktikan di suatu sekolah, saya disuruh buat bikin soal, saya sendiri yang memeriksanya, saya sendiri juga yang ngasih nilai =__= ini apa memang guru-guru zaman sekarang itu pemalesan atau emang cuma mau ngetes mental praktikan? =__=

oh iya, apa kabar? saya sedang dalam keadaan yang cukup aneh. Setelah sekian lama saya gak ada pengen update blogs, akhirnya ada keinginan lagi, mungkin karena akhir-akhir ini saya sudah tidak banyak bicara sama orang masalah hati saya. *ciee bahasa berubah sekarang* kenal dengan saya yang sekarang? Mungkin akhir-akhir ini saya jadi sedikit agak lebih formal, lebih kalem *padahal aslinya masih sering koprol dan menggeliat sana sini kalo liat cowo cakep ato shota lol* entah ini terbawa wibawa jadi guru atau apa, tapi saya jadi agak canggung buat ngomong aneh2, atau mungkin marah-marah waktu saya gak suka sama sesuatu kayak dulu... saya jadi sering berfikir, kalo saya marah, gimana murid-murid bisa nyontoh saya?
Akhir-akhir ini juga saya sering gak bisa nebak apa yang lagi saya fikirin, seseorang bilang kalo ada masalah, ngomong sama orang atau apa gitu biar bisa lega, tapi jujur sekarang saya gak bisa. kenapa ya? *menggeliat lagi* bukannya so' kuat, tapi apa ya... kadang ada hal yang memang benar-benar rasanya tidak usah di share sama siapapun, termasuk kegalauan sendiri. saya udah bukan ABG belasan tahun lagi sekarang, saya juga udah bukan anak SMA yang bisa cerita sana sini soal masalah mereka. Tapi kadang-kadang juga saya mikir, gimana orang lain bisa mengerti jalan fikiran saya kalo saya gak banyak cerita sama mereka? Memangnya ada sesuatu yang mudah di mengerti tanpa harus diucapkan? hm, mungkin ada, tapi sebagian besar orang tidak akan bisa dengan mudah menangkap sinyal dari kegalauan seseorang, walo seringnya saya juga ngasih sinyal kalo lagi agak galau wakakakak =w= yah gimanapun juga saya manusia sih, kalo saya udah gak bisa ngerant lagi namanya saya gak normal. 

Saya berubah lagi? sepertinya mungkin iya, mungkin juga tidak. Saya tidak begitu berfikir soal cinta atau tek-tek bengeknya, saya juga sudah tidak begitu memikirkan bagaimana penilaian orang terhadap saya, saya juga sudah tidak begitu peduli lagi sama sekitar *oke yang terakhir salah* lol tapi banyak hal yang terjadi, banyak luka yang saya coba tutupi, banyak rasa kesepian yang saya coba cover dengan banyak hal yang mungkin pada akhirnya saya kerepotan sendiri karena berawal dari saya gak ingin ngerasa kesepian tapi malah jadi terlalu sibuk =_= banyak juga rasa iri pada orang lain yang saya coba yakini bahwa saya juga punya kelebihan yang tidak kalah keren dari mereka...walau kadang saya berakhir pada mempertanyakan apa sih yang saya bisa? haha tidak bersyukur. yah intinya, saya pusing sendiri juga toh saya ga repotin orang lain, toh kalo saya udah beneran desperate, saya pasti ngejar orang-orang yang paling deket sama saya buat saya curhatin, ato cuma sekedar ngabisin waktu fandoming atau berotaku bareng-bareng. introvert, mungkin iya, mungkin tidak... 

Ngomong-ngomong lagi, saya masih betah di hobi saya loh XD anime, fandubbing, fansubbing, gaming...ah hidup saya masih indah...saya masih bukan manusia normal yang kerjaannya cuma pergi kerja, makan, tidur, ngobrol dengan temannya tentang cowo, yah membosankan. saya masih mahluk diatas normal. wkwkwkwk

mulai mau rajin update blogs lagi ah. 

bye bee~