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Piece of Reminiscence

Hi. I always come back here everytime things got harder in life. I wonder why, talking to myself like this is more comfortable than sharing with others. I used to share everything, and I still do even now to the closest one. But now, I think everything just got harder and harder. Managing my own mood and my professionality is somehow so hard. My mood swing is getting worse day by day and maybe if my principal finds out this she might send me to the nearest hospital and tell me to consult to the psychiatrist. lmao. I don't have any motivation in life and I hate waking up in the morning and sleeping at night. Can you even imagine that?

I am still wondering, things got harder for me because I made it myself. I am a selfish-jerk and everyone seem get tired of me too easily. I tried so hard to maintain relationship with everyone but I end up walking away by my ownself and this introvert side of me was totally disturbing. ugh. I am so tired of being this kind of creature.

I've gone …