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In life, we have ever faced some basic questions. "Am I happy?"
"Do I need to think about this?"
"Am I cruel?"
"Is everyone happy?" Or simply, "Is today becoming my day?" It kept on repeating everyday. Gaining and building up anxiety to anyone who question their life everyday... like me. I have this question in me, everytime I had fun.
"Do I leave people? Or people leave me?" Each time I had this question, my mind was wandering back to the time where some people kept asking me the reason why did I do this, why did I do that, why did I say this, why did I say that... I end up being traumatized. I am looking for someone who didn't ask me...why. I look for a companion who understand that I need space and small capacity to socialized and understand that sometime I distant myself not because I hate them, but because I need to refill my energy.
People said it was selfish. I simply leave people when they need me the most. Ir…